September 5, 2016

Democracy is the worst form of government there is except for everything else. – Winston Churchill

      There must be some political system better than our present American democracy.
     As we close in on the presidential elections of 2016 everyone seems to agree that the whole process has become a complete, totally unprecedented and depressing mess. 
     Insults are tossed everywhere. But smart strategies for solving serious national problems – like trade and terrorism, our growing national poverty and economic inequities, our public education system, better medical care and better job opportunities for our children – are almost never discussed.
     Maybe it's finally time to just give up, and move on to a better system to take America forward.
     For example, what if dogs ran the world?
    Here on KBN is an important, detailed sociopolitical study on some of the advantages of a totalitarian government opportunity just maybe no one ever thought of before.

     Think about it. How bad could it be?
    Yep, unlike conventional politicians dogs really do like kissing babies.
     What if dogs ran the world?
     You know, even Winston Churchill might like it.