December 28, 2009

Happy New Year in 2010 to children around the world!

It doesn't get more fun than this.
In 2009 the Kids' Book Network launched the 
idea of free books for every child in the world.
Not just sample educational downloads,
or subscription classroom learning 
materials. You can find that stuff all over 
the internet.
What KBN introduced was the concept of 
real, on-paper, page-turning books, all 
for free download, in all of the classic forms 
of children's literature. Picture books. 
Adventure books. Coloring books. Joke books 
Puzzle books. And literary classics. 
Even books in new twitter-age forms like 
our almost origami-size microbooks.
And of course our KBN books represent the 
same quality of books you would expect to 
find in a popular bookstore or public library.
So what's ahead for 2010?

Well, once we get our KBN staff to wake up 
from their deep Winter sleep and charge back 
to work – get ready for even more free books, 
more fresh ideas, more big fun. And as we 
recently promised, look for the first of many 
more books coming up soon from the best 
international authors and illustrators – plus 
books in a new format to project and read on 
the biggest walls anywhere in the world.
Happy New Year from KBN!