April 4, 2010

Better health for every child in the world.

Everyone is concerned that children today are becoming seriously overweight. Pediatric body fat and health problems have become a national epidemic.
      So here's one answer.
      When it's time to reward students in the classroom, maybe it's also time to replace the traditional reward of sweets with a new classic prize that has no calories at all. One that might actually provide some nutritional benefit to the brain.

      Now, for less than the cost of a couple of fat-loaded candy bars the size of your thumb, you can print out a complete, 48-page free minibook from KBN.
      Sure, the actual cost either way is only a few pennies. But look at the nutritional difference.
      Two of those tiny chocolate crispy bars provide all the nutrition of 120 junk food calories, including 53 calories of saturated fat. And that's it.
      On the other hand a free 48-page KBN picture book has no calories at all. But it provides a child with a real on-paper, page-turning book experience that he can read and enjoy personally, share with friends, and then keep to read again and again.
      For healthier children in America's classrooms let's agree to forget the candy. Instead, let's think about the special nutritional fun for young readers in the prize of a book from KBN.