December 10, 2012

Give everyone you know who cares about children a very special free gift for the Holidays.

     And we mean everyone.
    Who do you know who cares about children today?
    Only parents, teachers and everyone else who understands the critical importance of literacy in child development.
    That's why we created the Kids' Book Network. And that's why now we are asking you to help us spread the word about KBN to everyone you know who maybe still doesn't know about KBN, but would really like to.
    All parents who want their children to enjoy reading, and to open every new book with excitement.
    All teachers working with early grade children and middle grade children.
    All parents with toddlers who might want to give their children a critical cognitive edge.
    All educators who understand that, if children are not going to become early school dropouts, reading can't just be about passing tests.
    So how do all of these people who care about children find out about KBN?
    It can only come as a special holiday gift from you – because only you can tell them all.
    And we've made it easy. Just go to the KBN homepage and then choose and click on one or another of the social networking link buttons where you already share ideas – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Just press, and you're done.

    You can tell everyone what you like about KBN. And when they come back themselves to see what KBN is doing, they can share the good news with their friends, too.
    Their children can all read and enjoy our free KBN picture books, and make our KBN coloring books.
    They can all share our books projected up on their classroom wall, and all read together.
    And they can even teach their toddlers to begin reading even as early as 18 months – for a lifetime cognitive edge.
    As we approach 2013 we thank you for caring. And sharing.

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